Bill Rigby has over 50 years of experience in the restoration field having restored over half a dozen historic homes as well as automobiles and an 80′ long private railway car.  He has seen what happens when old houses are poorly retrofitted with modern equivalents of old hardware.

American Historic Hardware- A.K.A. Wm. J. Rigby Co. came about at an unexpected confluence of time, money and opportunity. In 1994, when he moved to Cooperstown, N.Y, he had the opportunity to buy out a number of old New York City hardware stores of their unsold, old stock.  Along with his wife Janet, he saw the opportunity  to offer other old house owners a source for the appropriate builders’ hardware for their projects. The Rigby’s researched each piece and designed an on-line inventory that anyone could use whether they knew the appropriate terms or not.  Their tag line is a derivation of P. & F. Corbin’s “Good Houses Deserve Good Hardware” and it speaks to the needs of owners of historic homes:

“Old Houses Deserve Old Hardware”.